Jesse Faber was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1973. He graduated Cum Laude from the Royal Academy of Art (the Hague), receiving his BFA (Audio Visual – Photography) in 1999. Alongside his work as a painter and filmmaker, Faber is an accomplished freelance television and film director, having partnered with outlets such as RTL, SBS, VARA/BNN, MTV Networks and VPRO.

Faber’s current practice focuses on 17th Century Dutch Masters portraiture applied onto modern vessels such as wooden crates, corrugated cardboard boxes, and paper packaging. His portraits are carefully considered dichotomies; existing between old and new, traditional and radical, texture versus surface and form literally covering function. Faber’s work inhabits an unusual space between concept-driven structures and Pop sensibilities. While the portraits, themselves, are direct echoes of Rubens and Rembrandt, they are translucent overlays against bold text reading “Fragile”, “This End Up” and/or “Handle With Care.” In this way, Faber’s work can be traced to postmodern practitioners (with painterly skill) such as Richard Prince, John Currin, and Elizabeth Peyton. What is old is always new again, but also used and reused with no less significance in either past or present.

Faber’s work has been presented at venues in New York, Basel, Amsterdam, Paris, Miami and London. He lives and works in Amsterdam.